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Helium is the world's first peer to peer wireless network that provides a secure mechanism for IoT, or Internet of Things, devices to get their data from the field to the dashboard. It is decentralized, built on top of a blockchain, and all core technology is completely open source. It relies on a type of work called Proof of Coverage, and a new consensus algorithm (based on HoneyBadger BFT)

Helium was founded in 2013 by Shawn Fanning, Amir Haleem, and Sean Carey, with a mission to make it easier to build connected devices. Helium believes that today's wireless connectivity options are inadequate for the next generation of machines. To solve this they developed the Helium Hotspot, a combination of a physical blockchain node and wireless gateway that network participants can deploy to receive compensation in HNT, the native token. In order to receive rewards, Hotspots must submit proof of wireless coverage in a cryptographically verified location and time. Once the network is deployed, any sensor using the Helium LongFi wireless protocol can connect to the network which is intended for battery-powered devices sending small amounts of data over miles of range.

Hotspots are rewarded in HNT based on the quality of the coverage they provide and the amount of LongFi sensor data they transport for devices on the network. HNT is burned to create Data Credits, a non-fungible token used for all transaction fees on the network. Data Credits are required for things like sending sensor data and asserting Hotspot location. Any LongFi-enabled IoT device can send data through any Helium Hotspot that's providing coverage.

What this allows you to do is earn cryptocurrency by building and providing network transport and by validating the network coverage. it is a very low cost method to get an IoT project online without having to deal with cellular... SIM cards, cell bills, high data rates... the high-price issues that we have been dealing with for years.

Helium is a network owned by the people.