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What’s New, WisBlock?

The WisBlock series line continues to expand with 14 new modules to further expand the capabilities of this modular masterpiece! Click. Code. Connect. like never before!

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Featuring: 2 NEW WisBlock Modules Fit For Any Solution!

Upgrade your current IoT solutions with these brand new WisBlock modules that can work for any of your existing or future projects.


WisBlock Wireless Charger Module

No need to open your waterproof enclosure when you run out of battery, The RAK19006 module charges your WisBlock solution without the need for any cables.

A highly efficient, Qi-compliant, single-chip wireless power receiver and charger which integrates the receiver and linear charger, and supports up to 5W applications.

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WisBlock RTC Module

Timestamp sensor data in real-time when you send it to an LPWAN server even without battery supply for a maximum of 7 days with the RAK12002 WisBlock module!

A Real-Time Clock module with a battery backup that will keep the date and time updated even on a power loss allowing for uninterrupted time-stamping of sensor valves.

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Thirteen other modules are also here to take your IoT solutions further like never before! Build custom projects and prototypes as quickly as you can say Click. Code. Connect.


WisBlock MQ2 Gas Sensor Module

Measures the concentration of gas in the air. The MQ2 sensor is sensitive to propane and smoke and can as well detect natural gas, an essential module for a gas and smoke detection system.

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WisBlock Rain Sensor Module

Detects rainfall and fog, which works on the principle of measuring resistance changes caused by water or condensed fog on the sensor, applicable in various IoT solutions.

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WisBlock Relay IO Module

Has one isolated input and one isolated output and is used to control higher voltage signals and peripherals safely from WisBlock.

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WisBlock Adapter Module

Exposes all WisBlock Core signals to four 8 pin headers with standard 2.54mm pitch making it accessible to connect any peripheral devices to the WisBlock Baseboard.

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WisBlock IO Expansion Module (GPIO extender)

Extends the available digital IO ports of the WisBlock Core module with additional 16 bidirectional IOs extending IO capabilities by the factor of 2.

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WisBlock PWM Expansion Module

Has 16 PWM (Pulse Width Modulated) outputs which can control the brightness of up to 16 external LEDs.

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WisBlock LIN Bus Module

An interface to the LIN bus –– used in automotive technologies –– offering safe communication up to a 40m distance between the LIN bus nodes. Also utilized for smart home appliances and industrial automation.

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WisBlock RGB LED Module

A 3-color RGB LED module with independent brightness control for each color by the MCU leading to a more sustainable power supply and the creation of unique status feedback for the users.

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WisBlock 3-channel Touchpad Module

Contains 3 capacitive touch buttons with touch pattern recognition, slide-over button recognition, and a programmable sensitivity to build a touch-based user interface.

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WisBlock SD Card Module

Allows the usage of removable MicroSD cards as a data storage medium, which provides more storage for assets that can then be used for machine learning, voice recognition, and/or computer vision.

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WisBlock Motor Control Module

A DC motor drive module that can control the direction and speed of one-stepper motors or two-DC motors with the module driver DRV8833 from TI for various applications.

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24-pins FPC Sensor Extension Cable for Slot A to D WisBlock Modules

An extension cable to position small WisBlock modules apart from the WisBlock Base board eliminating the influence of other modules from environmental sensors.

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