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WisCore Enable Your Product with Amazon Alexa

  • ☼ Provide rich peripheral interface with built-in AVS open source hardware module
  • ☼ Support long distance pickup, support acoustic echo de-noising
  • ☼ Compatible with RAK iGate middleware, easy to implement smart home / gateway applications
  • ☼ Product architecture of building block system with a variety of standardized accessories
  • ☼ Compatible with Raspberry Pi / Arduino and other open source hardware boards, rich in open source resources

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WisCore is RAKwireless new product. It`s an open source hardware product which built in Amazon Alexa Voice Service function. WisCore will help designer focus on the application design, design different product type which supported Alexa Voice Service smart product.

WisCore base MT7628 chipset. It`s support 2 * UART interface, it`s used for smart home field or robot product. Also, WisCore use a powerful codec on the board. This chip can implement ASR function, user will ask keyword ‘Alexa’ to trigger our module.

WisCore Mic is an independent Microphone accessory, it`s a Microphone array to support many advance features, such as far field, user can talk with microphone away from 15 feet. Or sound located, using the microphone array will locate the user sound, the direction.


☼ Stable SDK version, support user mass production.
☼ SOC WiFi module, compatible with OpenWRT router module.
☼ Throughput support to 300MBps.
☼ Excellent performance for RF, WLAN transmit more stable.
☼ Compatible with Arduino hardware, provide UART transparent application.
☼ Support ASR function, help to solve the trigger pain point. Excellent Echo cancellation feature and far field function.
☼ Resources
  • MIPS 24K 580M MT7628
  • 802.11 n 2x2 WIFI MIMO
  • 128M 64M
  • Multiple I/O: UART/I2C/SPI/GPIO
  • Ethernet with WAN&LAN
☼ Hand Free Solution
  • Powered by Microsemi
  • Single or Dual Microphone Hands-Free
☼ Voice Interaction
  • Far field voice wake up
  • Full Duplex Stereo Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC)
☼ Mature
  • RAK iGate middleware for home gateway
  • Production software and approved by market
☼ Compatible
  • Arduino shield
  • Raspberry Pi via ethernet

Software Block Diagram

Hardware Block Diagram


CPUMT7628A(MIPS24KEc CPU with 580MHz)
  • MicroSemi ZL38062,support audio input/output
  • MicroSemi ZL38067,support ASR trigger by key word `Alexa`
  • For field function support 5m
  • Support echo cancellation
MicrophoneDigital Mic
Power Supply5V fuel supply or USB powered
RF Spec
  • WiFi: Internal Support IEEE 802.11b/g/n standard, 2.4GHz frequency band Support 2×2 MIMO,reach to 300Mbps
  • Optional: External
  • Bluetooth: Reserve UART interface to connect external module
  • ZigBee: Reserve UART interface to connect external module
  • Z-wave: Reserve UART interface to connect external module
MemoryFlash:16MB;DDR2:128MB(User can choose different memory)


The robot built in Alexa
☼ Using WisCore to connect with current robot. User can control the robot move through UART interface. If user add a WisCam modul, this demo will support voice control and video.
Talking smart fridge
☼ When user need to purchase some food, user can ask Alexa directly to order them which you want. Also, when you are cooking in the kitchen.
The middleware of embedded gateway
☼ Base on WisCore, user can work some accessories to build a home alarm system. Such as WisCore-Z-wave, WisCore-Bluetooth or WisCore-LTE accessories.
The choice of intelligent security system model:
☼ Stay Arm Mode: Somebody is in the house, such as morning or evening.
☼ Away Arm Mode: There is no body in the house, such as the working day.
☼ Night Arm Mode: People are sleeping in the house
☼ Disarmed Mode: Will not trigger the alarm


Z-Wave Function
☼ RAK provide the Z-Wave gateway solution, using our middleware, user can add all of the Z-Wave devices which support Z-Wave Plus protocol. Combine above mode to protect the home and make sure safe.
Cloud Server Platform
☼ RAK provide a perfect SaaS layer network service. This cloud help designer and user to use the function quickly and simply. Support IFTTT, Alexa Skills, MQTT data transmission, data storage on the cloud, CMS service
4G-LTE Function
☼ Then the local network is not working, user can use LTE module to connect with cloud. Make sure the connection with cloud every time.
App Support
☼ RAK provides the corresponding App control interface, through the App on the entire gateway device to operate, set up different scenarios, allowing users to experience more perfect.