What is Alexa?

Alexa is a voice service product launched by Amazon, currently its main form is pre-installed in Amazon Echo, and it presents itself as a personal virtual voice assistant. Alexa can receive corresponding voice commands, and it can be taken as Siri in Amazon version, or Cortana of Microsoft.

But at present, Alexa is the only voice service with open API and can be invoked by the developer. Alexa is getting continuous support from the developer, so Amazon has got powerful weapon against Apple Siri, Google Assistant and Microsoft Cortana.

What is Amazon Echo?

Echo is an intelligent audio product launched by Amazon with built-in Alexa, and it not only has an excellent sound quality, but also is a central control appliance for smart home.

Echo Amazon supports WiFi connection, and it can be used as a Bluetooth speaker to play streaming music. In addition, Amazon Echo can use voice commands to activate, provide varieties of information, reminding,service and other functions.

When using Amazon Echo, you only need say "Alexa" to start inquiring news, creating task reminding, setting alarm clock, controlling music play, etc. Meanwhile, Alexa can interact with varieties of intelligent home furnishing equipment, and it can be used to control thermostat or regulate lighting, etc. All operations are done through the Cloud.

Alexa can respond to any syntax, so the user needs not speak in a much too stiff tone when using it, for Alexa can basically identify what the user say.

Classification of Alexa API

Alexa Voice Service(AVS)

AVS means that it can integrate API of Alexa to other embedded devices. If you are a manufacturer of smart devices, and your products have loudspeakers and microphones, you can add Alexa voice driver to your smart products through a simple development, so as to realize that users of your products make real-time voice interaction with Alexa via microphones and speakers.

Alexa Skill Kit(ASK)

ASK means that the product can be controlled by devices integrated with products of Alexa Voice Service, and the rapid and convenient development can help the product become part of "Work with Alexa". You can give Alexa more use interaction functions through development, also add them to your smart devices, and all codes are in the Cloud.

Alexa Voice Service can do what

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