High-Power WiFi Module

RAK, with many years of accumulation in IoT industry, has created a rich variety of product models. According to differential demands from various customers, we have developed a series of high power WiFi modules. RAK high power WiFi modules can meet your indicator requirements for power during the development process, meet your product idea, and provide more comprehensive technical support for the research and development of IoT.

  • ☼ Power can meet product development requirements
  • ☼ Varieties of sizes and models are provided
  • ☼ SMT, USB and other interfaces are supported
Model Feature WIFI IC Size Package Interface MIMO WiFi 802.11ac WiFi 802.11bng WiFi 802.11a BT Band2.4G Band5.8G OS
RAK535 High TX
AR1021X 28*27*4.0 SMT SMT 2T2R Linux, Android
RAK533 AR9342 55*30*8.7 DIP USB 2T2R Win XP, Win7, Linux
RAK531 AR9374 55*30*8.7 DIP USB 2T2R Win XP, Win7, Linux,Mac

If you still cannot find a suitable application product,
please contact your sales person in charge immediately to
seek for a right solution for you.

As a professional company of IoT access technology design, we are very willing to provide customized
design for your products.

Meet the Application Scenarios of Various Power

  • ☼ Supporting from an Normal TX Power Module to a transmission power of up to 23db module
  • ☼ Meet the WiFi networking applications from 30m to 1000m

Complete Manufacturing Process

  • ☼ Scale production line
  • ☼ Independent R & D of testing program, and 100% testing

Technical Support for Localization

  • ☼ FAE/AE support system is set and distributed in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen
  • ☼ CASE system guarantees rapid response and quality of support

Simple WiFi Network-Connecting Method

  • ☼ One-key configuration is achieved through APP with the aid of Easy Config
  • ☼ One-time success rate exceeds 99.99%
  • ☼ Web page configuration,WPS, AP+STA coexistence configuration and multiple other configuration methods are supported