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WiFi Video Module RAK5611000m image transmission, STA (Client) module and SoftAP module matching applications

RAK561 integrated audio video image capture, encoding compression, transmission. Efficient use of hard-coded manner and strong WIFI communication module to ensure that the degree of clear and smooth video.

  • ☼ Integrated audio video image capture, encoding compression, transmission
  • ☼ Efficient use of hard-coded to ensure clarity and fluency of video
  • ☼ Support long-distance image transmission
  • ☼ Support TCP, UDP protocols, with maximum 8 UDP/TCP connections
  • ☼ MIC Interface


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Beijing Office

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Introduction Specifications Application Specifications


RAK561 supports IEEE802.111a/b/g/n wireless protocol and is an ultra-low power consumption intelligent image transmission module which support the HDMI input.It has small foot print and the easy using feature. The Module support the H.264 codec,the sound processor and is specially designed for accelerating video/audio streaming performance. To fast the evaluation, the user can get the demo Apps on Android, iPhone and other equipment to complete the play and display of audio and video. RAK561 integrates the high-speed serial port to use for transparent in interaction.

RAK561 integrates the WIFI Module ,which support IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n 2x2 MIMO.The module support the remote image transmission.


Powerful WIFI
☼ Support IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n protocol
☼ TX Power ≤ 22dBm
☼ Soft AP Mode
☼ 2x2 300M PHY Rate
☼ support Infra/Soft AP network type
☼ support multiple security authentication mechanism: WEP64/WEP128/ TKIP/CCMP(AES)/ WEP/WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK
☼ supporting many network protocol:TCP/UDP/ICMP/DHCP/DNS/HTTP
Efficient video processing
☼ Support H.264/CIF/VGA/QVGA MJPG/RTP Stream
☼ Continuous/Static JPEG/RTP Stream
☼ Supports up to the 720p @ 25fps video resolution
Pure Hardware engine
☼ Merged MJPG + MP3 Stream
☼ Separate MJPG + MP3 Stream
☼ Separate H.264 + PCMA Stream
Input Interface
☼ 1 UART for transparent and 1 high- speed UART
☼ MIC Interface for audio
☼ Video input Interface
Module size
☼ 55mm*30mm*16.3(±0.2)mm (DIP LED)
☼ 55mm*30mm*13.1(±0.2)mm (Without LED)


  • ☼ Air vehicle
  • ☼ Smart toys
  • ☼ Building Automation
  • ☼ Logistics and freight management
  • ☼ Family safety and automation
  • ☼ Safety Inspection


Parameter Description
Video VGA(640*480) 30FPS
MJPEG/H.264 Compression format
Powerful hard-coded technology
Audio parameters 16KHz 128Kbps Mono MP3 8KHz Mono PCM
Powerful hard-coded technology
Transmission distance Effective distance: 1000m; Smooth video transmission: 500m.
Size 55mm*30mm*16.3(±0.2)mm (DIP LED)
55mm*30mm*13.1(±0.2)mm (Without LED)
baud Rate 115200bps(default),customers can modify it by command
Wireless parameters Support IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n protocol,and Infra / Soft AP network; Support Soft AP connect.
power 7-24V power supply, the average operating current of 150mA (typ input voltage: 12V)
The peak current is 300mA (typ input voltage: 12V)