500~800m distance
1080p/60HZ 4:2:2 10Bit
HD wireless transmission

Supports HDMI video output
devices with HD camera,
SLR camera, PC, etc

Plug and play,modular
designfor second

Suitable for mobile
photography demand,
no wiring problem

Used in drones, offices,
education, video,
remote meetings etc

Support multi-terminal
intelligent terminal,
real-time viewing
(less than 3 people)
Solution NamePCBModule TypeViedo Signal InterfaceData signal InterfacePowerAntennaSize(mm)Performance
Transmission DistanceVideo ParametersTransmission Delay
FlyLink HD

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about 200ms

Solution Theory

Application Scenarios

    Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
    Aerial real-time Video transmission(One people to watch or more)
    Film Shooting/Rehearsal Live
    The camera was broadcast live,The background can be watched in real time by multiple actors
    Industrial Video Monitor
    Eliminate the interference of the industrial site and achieve the stable and smooth video transmission
    Industrial site remote video,The video transmission of extreme scenarios such as deep mines and high-altitude transmission lines can be realized
    Exercise Live shooting
    The mountaintop filmed skiing ,The ground Watch in real time

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Solution NameInputOutputClient Connection NumbersPower SourceDistance4GLive PlatformAudioEthernet LANData TunnelLatency
FlyLink AP ModeHDMIWiFi39~24V150MNApp StreamingYNUARTabout 200ms
FlyLink AVAVWiFi39~24V600MNApp StreamingNNUARTabout 200ms
FlyLink HDHDMIWiFi39~24V800MNApp StreamingYNUARTabout 200ms
FlyLink AV plusAVHDMI/WiFi39~24V800MExternal*RTMP StreamingNYUARTabout 200ms
FlyLink HD plusHDMIHDMI/WiFi9~24V800MExternal*RTMP StreamingYYUARTabout 200ms
FlyLink LiveHDMI/SDI39~24V800MExternal*RTMP StreamingYYUARTabout 200ms
FlyLink ProHDMIHDMI/SDI2.5~7.5V200MYN<100ms
* Support external 4G module.This solution does not include 4G Module . if use, you need to add another 4G Router.
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