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Stable Transmission

Even the wireless environment is complex, we have confidence to provide you with right modules and make your system superior

☼ 7*24-hour uninterrupted pressure test

☼ The industrial-grade temperature

☼ FCC, CE, TELEC certification

☼ Wireless firmware upgrade

Lower Power Consumption

RAK dedicate to optimize the power consumption and provide the best solution for IoT battery Operated Devices

☼ Sleep Mode:1.5uA

☼ Idel but keep connection:5mA(DTIM:100mS)

☼ Working:16mA(100B/100ms)

☼ Wake up Time:220ms

Simple WiFi Set Up

Easy Config as patent technology from RAK for WIFI Set Up, Aim to provide the simplest and complete way for user to set up device to WIFI Network

☼ One-time success rate of 99.9%

☼ If you want 100%, we also support the function of WPS, Web, UDP, AT configuration, etc.

Since Complex, Make Differentiation

Our Module help you to think different and realization

☼ 8 Socket

☼ Dual socket transparent

☼ Open internal MCU with SPI, UART,IO,ADC for cost optimization

☼ On board antenna or external antenna

☼ Pre-integrate the multiple IoT Cloud protocols,MQTT,P2P,HTTP etc.

Ideal Solution for Embedded Design

☼ SPI(clock 16M): Module throughput 2Mbps

☼ UART(baudrate 921600): The max. speed 560kbps

☼ Both AT Commands and Transparent Mode

☼ Various dimension, stamp module or pin type Module