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What stage is your current development at?

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Which of the core modules listed
below matches the requirements of your IoT project?

All the options mentioned also allow BLE communication.

Does your solution require a communications capabilities extension?

The WisBlock's modular system allows you to extend the connectivity capabilities of your project with just one click.

What properties need to be measured for the product to function?

Please select all the sensors required by the solution.

What additional interfaces need to be measured or detected for the product to function?

Please select all the extra inputs/output required by the solution.

Does your solution require a visual display or an interactive feature for the end-user?

Does your solution requires extends the memory capabilities?

Does your solution require any extra add-ons?

Does your solution require extending the power supply options?

How should the product be powered based
upon its settings and user interactions?

Does the product require a custom branded or generic enclosure?

Based on the product's standard daily use application,
what type of enclosure does the product need?

How many devices will be manufactured?

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