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Why RAKwireless?
RAKwireless is a committed market leader in the globally evolving IoT landscape. The company is passionate about eliminating design complexity and accelerating time-to-market for underserved and emerging markets, including open-source and industrial communities. Our goal is to create easy-to-deploy solutions and modular IoT products that are accessible to all. RAK is working to grow a community of system integrators, developers, and IoT solution providers, who are passionate about taking IoT solutions further than ever before.
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What We Offer
We build innovative end-to-end solutions to make IoT Easy. We serve both IoT Developer and IoT Deployer with main products from IoT modules , LoRaWAN Gateway to ready to use Node devices. We have over 50 products currently in active prodution.
Edge & Networking

Edge & Networking

Build your LoRaWAN network with industry-grade gateways. With our WisGate Edge products, you will be able to deploy and scale your LPWAN network with indoor and outdoor gateways, different power solutions, multiple connectivity options, and support for the leading LNS - AWS, Actility, TTN/TTS, ChirpStack.



Integrate end-to-end devices immediately into IoT solutions using the WisNode series of LoRaWAN sensors.

Network Management

Network Management

We have the right tools to manage your RAK gateway fleet no matter small or large. WisDM is a cloud-based remote management system that will help you to monitor, manage and set up your Edge gateways in no time. Notifications about the gateways, remote updates of the firmware, status information, and more.

WisBlock Modular IoT Platform

WisBlock Modular IoT Platform

Iterate quickly on developing IoT products with modular boards. You can select from different cores, multiple wireless protocols, and a variety of sensors and IO interfaces without the need for soldering. Build fast and clean prototypes with software examples compatible with Arduino.

How IoT can help us:

Maximize IoT Adoption for Enhanced Efficiency

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Make operations more efficient and productive

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Utilize Data for Smarter Decision-Making

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Traditional sales to IoT-driven subscription model

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Comply with regulations

Trusted Among Industry Leaders

We make IoT easy to use and deploy through modular hardware that can be built block-by-block. Our full-stack IoT solutions are customizable, scalable, and energy-efficient. This allows us to continuously explore new ways to satisfy our client’s diverse business needs.

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What Our Clients Say

RAK was the LoRa gateway manufacturer we chose to partner with to deliver the world's very first Helium Hotspot. Since that time, we've enjoyed a fruitful relationship that has allowed Nova Labs to continue innovating and scale mainstream adoption of the Helium Network. We're huge fans of the entire RAK team and appreciate their spirit of collaboration and innovation.

Frank Mong
WisBlock Audio

It's a pleasure to collaborate with a prepared and professional team, ready to listen to the partner's needs and promptly satisfy the project requirements.

Massimo Sacchi
Corporate Partnerships Manager
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We’re very impressed with RAK’s LoRaWAN products. Their WisGate Edge Pro gateway is easy to set up with a simple user interface. We are impressed by the detailed and responsive support from RAK too. Wherever we use them, RAKwireless systems always outperform our expectations. RAK is now a valued partner for CellGate.

Noel Gouldin
WisBlock Audio
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As pioneers in IoT and networking, we go beyond cataloging devices to offering complete, field-tested solutions that are ready for deployment and scaling.

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Your ultimate one-stop-shop where we connect users with real-world problems to developers with relevant use cases.
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If you're a business owner looking to solve your business problem, browse through our use cases to find a solution that can help resolve your problem. Once you find a suitable use case, we can help you scale and deploy the solution with ease. If you don’t find a use case that is fit for your needs, submit a problem and we will help find or build a use case that’s right for your business.
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If you're a solution creator or device manufacturer who has viable use cases, we encourage you to submit your use case to the Real IoT Marketplace. We will help you reach new clients and connect with businesses that need real solutions to their real-world business problems.
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If you're a distributor looking for new ways to market to your clients, you can access and distribute our use cases. Let our real IoT use cases help you tell more compelling user stories and sell solutions. This will help you increase ROI for you and your customers.
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The Real IoT Marketplace is
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We are here to help users of all types achieve their goals through the power of IoT. Our vision is to move the conversation from platforms to complete, single-supplier, standards-based IoT solutions. Our mission is to connect you with use cases, and eventually systems, that transform your business.

We're making IoT as simple as turning on a switch. And every day, we're getting closer to that goal.

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