Desktop/Indoors enclosure
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Your Flexible IoT Platform

WisGate Connect is powered by the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 - so you can tailor it to your specific needs all the way from development to deployment.

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Open-Source Software

  • Based on the 5.15 Linux Kernel
  • Debian user-space
  • Open-source libraries, modules, and examples of WisBlock modules deployed with python and Node-RED
  • Fully-documented use cases for common scenarios
  • A curated list of open source services ready to deploy as containers
Desktop/Indoors enclosure

Why We Created WisGate Connect

IoT Developers WisGate

IoT Developers need a ready-to-use industrial gateway based on Raspberry Pi CM4.

Software Companies WisGate

Software companies need a robust edge computing gateway - and to be able to deploy their docker-ready service easily.

Business Users WisGate

Business users need solutions tailored to specific needs, such as expanding with more connectivity options, sensors, and interfaces.

Key Benefits

RAKPiOS is a custom OS based on the Raspberry Pi OS and has all the tooling you’ll need to build your firmware image automatically.

It’s an open OS and is docker-ready to make services easy to deploy.

Modular hardware solutions tailored to your specific needs

Modular Multi-RAN platform Use Cases
  • Multiband LoRaWAN Gateway (subGHz + 2.4GHz)
  • Standalone Edge Gateway, everything you need to run a private WSN solution on a single device, no Internet connection required
  • WisGate Connect becomes a private 5G SmallCell
WisBlock-compatible to support industrial protocols Use Case
  • ModBUS to MQTT bridge for easy integration of compatible sensors

Made For Industry

WisGate Connect combines the flexibility of the Raspberry Pi ecosystem with the reliability of industrial-degree components.
Multiple configurations
Multiple configurations:
  • Supports the whole CM4 family
  • Up to 3 MiniPCIe modules and one M.2 B-Key slot for different radio modules or extra hardware
  • 2 WisBlock IO slots to interface industrial sensors
  • Different enclosures for development, desktop, or outdoors deployment
  • Compatible with a full range of accessories, including cameras, displays, audio, and SATA drives.
Multiple power supply options
Multiple power supply options:
  • 10-28VDC power jack & phoenix connectors
  • Active 802.3at/bt PoE support (up to 60W)
  • Dying gasp functionality
Wired connectivity
Wired connectivity:
  • 1Gb and 2.5Gb Ethernet ports

Multiple enclosure options help you go from prototype to deployment

Desktop/Indoors enclosure
Desktop/Indoors enclosure
Nice-looking, dust-proof enclosure for on desktop or in rack deployment.
Outdoors enclosure
Outdoors enclosure
Sturdy IP67 enclosure ready to deploy on the field.