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Experience the transformative potential of cellular IoT through the WisTrio product line, a range of hardware modules and development boards equipped with various sensors, communication interfaces, and microcontrollers designed for IoT applications.

The WisTrio product line has been thoughtfully developed over the years to meet the diverse needs of IoT enthusiasts, developers, and enterprises alike.

As the world increasingly relies on IoT for efficiency and connectivity, RAKwireless has been at the forefront, innovating to ensure our products not only meet but exceed the expectations of the global IoT market.

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WisTrio IoT Modules

WisTrio RAK5010

WisTrio RAK5010

WisTrio RAK5010 is a tracker integrating LTE CAT M1 & NB2, GNSS, BLE, and sensors. It's designed around the Quectel BG95-M3 LTE CAT M1 & NB2 module and features an integrated GNSS receiver.

The tracker is equipped with both GNSS and BLE, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor scenarios. It also comes with built-in sensors like temperature and humidity sensor, motion sensor, pressure sensor, and light sensor. The extension IOs allow you to add more sensors according to your needs.

This board is perfect for quick testing and prototyping applications that require NB-IoT connectivity.



Blues.ONE is a new addition to the WisBlock ecosystem that simplifies your journey into the cellular IoT world.

The Blues.ONE includes a RAK13102, a Blues.IO Notecard, a WisBlock Base Board, and a WisBlock Core module. It comes with an external LTE antenna and a location tracker application that uses LoRaWAN® with a cellular connection as a fallback. It can connect to cellular networks worldwide and comes with a 10-year and 500MB cellular data plan. It includes a GNSS location function and sensors for temperature, humidity, and acceleration.

The Blues.ONE device lets your WisBlock Solution connect through a cellular connection easily.



Link.ONE is a multi-functional device that combines Nordic nRF52840, Semtech SX1262, and Quectel BG77, providing LoRa®/LoRaWAN®, Bluetooth Low Energy, and LTE CAT M1 and CAT NB2 communication.

It features a cellular NB-IoT and LTE-M module and supports CAT M1 and CAT NB2 cellular IoT wireless protocols. Link.ONE is built on the WisBlock Modular ecosystem, allowing you to easily add sensors by plugging them into the device. It comes with a modified Unify Enclosure for optimal connectivity.

Whether you need LoRaWAN®, BLE, or LTE, Link.ONE has got you covered.

Why is the WisTrio the Right Choice?

When it comes to IoT solutions, WisTrio stands out with its innovative technology and versatile product range. Here are reasons why developers, hobbyists, and businesses choose WisTrio to create IoT devices and applications:

Versatile Connectivity

WisTrio products offer a wide range of connectivity options. Whether you need LTE CAT M1 & NB2, LoRa®/LoRaWAN®, Bluetooth Low Energy, or GNSS, WisTrio has got you covered.

Multifunctional Devices

Products like Link.ONE are multi-functional, integrating different types of communication such as LoRa®/LoRaWAN®, BLE, and LTE CAT M1 and CAT NB2.

Integrated Sensors

Each WisTrio device comes equipped with a variety of built-in sensors, including those for temperature, humidity, acceleration, and more. Plus, you have the option to add more sensors as per your needs.

Easy Prototyping

The WisTrio RAK5010 is perfect for quick testing and prototyping applications that require NB-IoT connectivity.

Global Network Access

With devices like Blues.ONE, you can connect to cellular networks worldwide. It even includes a 10-year and 500MB cellular data plan.

WisBlock Ecosystem

Many WisTrio devices are built on the WisBlock Modular ecosystem, enabling easy addition and customization of sensors.

Choose WisTrio for your next IoT project and experience the advantage of advanced technology, flexible connectivity, and robust performance.

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