IoT Solutions
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Everything your business needs to turn your IoT ideas into reality

We offer complete end-to-end IoT solutions

IoT Solutions

We help everyone who needs IoT

IoT Solutions
System Integrator
Everything they need to build their own IoT solutions: from LoRaWAN® gateways to sensor hub devices and countless sensors.
Network Provider
They can build an IoT network with RAK’s range of indoor and outdoor gateways.
Sensor Device maker
They can use the RAK WisDuo Module to make your products compatible with the worldwide LoRaWAN® ecosystem, including networks like Helium and TTN.
Solution Builder
They can focus on software, while RAK takes care of the IoT connection and so get to market faster.

We respect your data

RAKwireless doesn't store any of your data. Keep all your data between you and your cloud provider with our open cloud APIs. GDPR Privacy Shield and CCPA compliance.

We help transform ideas into IoT solutions

Whether you’re a lone developer or a large business, we have what you need to prototype ideas fast and realistically


to build using the Wisblock modular eco-system

Firmware Development Tools

to develop, compile and distribute your firmware

Design Service

to turn your prototype into a large-volume production, using our antenna design, package design, and device-certification services

Unify Enclosures

to protect nodes and fit them anywhere

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We offer pro support and documentation

RAK’s international support team maintains a thorough documentation center and an active forum for quick answers about products.

It’s easy to shop with us through our IoT Marketplace