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In the rapidly evolving world of the Internet of Things (IoT), securing scalable, secure, and reliable connectivity solutions is paramount. Amazon Sidewalk revolutionizes this space by creating a shared network that enhances the performance of devices like sensors, outdoor lights, and motion detectors, both at home and beyond. Utilizing the network infrastructure of Sidewalk-compatible devices such as Amazon Echo and Ring doorbells, it extends range and reliability in unprecedented ways.

RAKwireless is at the forefront of this innovation with the RAK4630, a solution meticulously designed for seamless integration with the Amazon Sidewalk network. Our commitment goes beyond providing hardware; we offer a comprehensive service ecosystem. This encompasses assistance with Amazon Sidewalk certification, hardware design, SDK provision for complete product development, and manufacturing your device in our Sidewalk-certified factory. Our approach ensures that brands can effortlessly integrate with this transformative network, guaranteeing that your IoT solutions are not only advanced but also reliably connected and scalable.

What is Amazon Sidewalk?

Amazon Sidewalk is a secure, shared network that connects Amazon Sidewalk Bridges, such as compatible Amazon Echo and Ring devices, to provide cloud connectivity for a wide range of IoT devices. It enables low-bandwidth, long-range connections using Bluetooth® Low Energy for close-range communication, and LoRa® and FSK radio at 900MHz frequencies for longer distances. Amazon Sidewalk uses highly encrypted technology and leverages small portions of internet bandwidth from millions of participating Sidewalk Bridges to offer widespread wireless connectivity.

How Amazon Sidewalk Works

End Device Connectivity

Your sensor or IoT device connects to a nearby Sidewalk gateway, such as an Amazon Echo or Ring doorbell.

Gateway to AWS

The gateway securely transmits the data to AWS (Amazon Web Services), where it can be processed and analyzed.

Data Management

You have the option to forward this data to your own LNS (LoRaWAN Network Server) outside AWS or manage it within your AWS IoT Core for further application and analysis.

This seamless integration ensures that your IoT devices benefit from extended coverage, even in hard-to-reach areas, and maintain a reliable connection for consistent data transmission. For a deeper understanding of the Amazon Sidewalk protocol and its potential, visit our blog: Amazon Sidewalk: A New Frontier for LoRa® Developers.

Our Solution: Hardware & Service




Sidewalk Starter Kit: Unleashing IoT Potential with WisBlock

Sidewalk Starter Kit: Unleashing IoT Potential with WisBlock

Embark on your Amazon Sidewalk journey with our Sidewalk Starter Kit. At its core is the RAK4630, complemented by the RAK1901 temperature and humidity sensor. This kit isn't just a collection of components; it's a gateway to innovation, seamlessly integrating with the WisBlock ecosystem – a versatile 'Modular IoT Platform' featuring over 130 interconnecting modules.

What sets our Starter Kit apart is its adaptability and developer-friendly approach. It utilizes Nordic's 'Sensor Monitoring' sample and the AWS demo application, both reconfigured to synergize with the RAK4630 instead of Nordic's development kit. This adaptation is more than a technical feat; it's a testament to the flexibility and open-source nature of our platform.

The code, available on our GitHub, is not just for use but for collaboration. Once you get the demo up and running, it serves as a blueprint. You can expand its capabilities by integrating more WisBlock modules, tweaking the code to suit your unique needs. We encourage this exploration and sharing within the open-source community.

With the Sidewalk Starter Kit, you're not just building devices; you're joining a movement. A movement where developers, tinkerers, and innovators come together to push the boundaries of what's possible in IoT, powered by Amazon Sidewalk and RAKwireless technology.

The Future of IoT with Amazon Sidewalk

The Future of IoT with Amazon Sidewalk

Amazon Sidewalk is revolutionizing IoT connectivity, seamlessly linking smart homes and cities. This network empowers a wide range of devices – from pet trackers to weather stations – to automatically connect and communicate effortlessly, embodying the vision of a connected world.

RAKwireless enhances this vision by offering specialized manufacturing services for Sidewalk-compatible devices. Our expertise, particularly with the RAK4630 module – already certified for Amazon Sidewalk – streamlines the development process. We provide comprehensive support, from module flashing to full product assembly, ensuring your devices align with Amazon Sidewalk's standards and are ready for market.

Partnering with RAKwireless means leveraging our manufacturing prowess to turn innovative ideas into Sidewalk-ready products. This collaboration is not just about manufacturing; it's about enabling a future where IoT connectivity is ubiquitous, reliable, and accessible.

Success Story and Featured Applications

Success Story:
SmartSense Pro

Featured Application:
Long-Range Connected Meat Thermometer

Inspiring Possibilities

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Why choose RAKwireless for
Amazon Sidewalk?

Application-Oriented Approach

We offer more than just modules and SDKs. Our comprehensive toolkit includes sensors, baseboards, and enclosures for quick IoT application development.

Focus on Long-Range IoT

We specialize in long-range IoT solutions, providing tailored support for product development, manufacturing, and consulting, ensuring your ideas become market-ready products.

Wide Coverage with Sub-1 GHz Radios

Our advanced Sub-1 GHz radios provide reliable connectivity in difficult-to-reach areas, guaranteeing consistent IoT performance where it's needed most.

Hybrid Wireless Protocols

We embrace Amazon Sidewalk's combination of Bluetooth or BLE and LoRA/FSK connectivity. Our solutions ensure flexible and robust connectivity across various environments.

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