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The Peopleʼs Network is the largest wireless IoT network on the planet. It is powered by the Helium Blockchain and individually-owned LoRaWAN® hotspot devices deployed in over 50,000 cities.

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The First of Its Kind

  • 800,000+ Hotspots equipped with Helium’s open-source LongFi protocol.
  • Secure and affordable data transfer between edge devices and the Internet.
  • Helium decentralized network connects millions of IoT devices across the globe.

Using RAKwireless hotspot hardware backed by Helium Blockchain technology, the People’s Network is the first network to provide ubiquitous and inexpensive LoRa connectivity to power the Internet of Things.

It is easy to connect edge devices, transfer data, and use the blockchain to transact the Helium cryptocurrency.

The People’s Network

Helium (HNT) is the cryptocurrency that underpins the People’s Network. HNT is distributed to hotspot hosts to reward them for providing coverage, validating blockchain activity, and facilitating network usage. HNT can also be burned or immutably destroyed to create data credits that can be exchanged for bandwidth.

Anyone can connect to the network by deploying a LoRaWAN® compatible device, such as a sensor or hotspot. You can connect your IoT node to the network, transfer data at an extremely low cost using Data Credits (DC), and get access to your data via the public Helium Console.

Join the Helium Network with RAK

We’re not just a Helium Hotspot manufacturer. We are a partner and ambassador to The People’s Network. RAK is the go-to IoT hardware supplier and one of the first manufacturing partners of Helium. We manufactured the first Helium hotspots and various products that underpin many IoT projects.

By expanding the network through our LoRaWAN-compatible devices, we help clients deploy more reliable IoT solutions.

Helium Network

MNTD. is a new brand created by RAKwireless, solely focused on making crypto-related hardware accessible to everyday people and helping to expand #ThePeoplesNetwork #getMNTD

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