IoT Solutions for
Smart City

Smart city leverages advanced technology and data-driven approaches to enhance city operations, services, and connectivity for its citizens. At the heart of this transformation lies RAKwireless, a leading provider of versatile and reliable IoT solutions for smart cities.

Key Challenges

Key Challenges

Crafting a comprehensive smart city plan is riddled with challenges. Gathering reliable data from various sources like weather, pollution, and energy consumption is crucial, necessitating a robust IoT sensor network. Scalability, adaptability, and the cost-effective deployment of infrastructure are significant concerns due to the expansive nature of smart city networks. Diverse terrains demand wireless technologies with broad coverage and penetration capabilities. Cybersecurity is paramount with the growing number of touchpoints, requiring secure architecture and adherence to global standards. Managing the IoT device fleet efficiently and integrating sensor data into cloud platforms for informed decision-making are crucial aspects to address.

RAKwireless Products for Smart Cities

We offer a comprehensive suite of devices designed to meet the diverse needs of smart city applications:

WisGate Edge Pro

An industrial-grade gateway offering reliability and customization with support for up to 16 LoRa channels and multiple backhaul options.

WisGate Edge Lite 2

Ideal for indoor deployment with built-in Ethernet and optional LTE uplink communication connections.


The heart of RAKwireless gateways, running on the latest OpenWRT kernel and providing a user-friendly web interface for easy network building.


A cloud-based device management platform for remote configuration, OTA updates, and scalable management of RAKwireless IoT networks.

WisNode Track & Map

Nodes with onboard GPS/GNSS for data coordinate relay

WisNode Button

Designed for user interaction and home/office automation.

WisNode Bridge

Converts industrial networks into wireless monitoring solutions for industry 4.0 deployment scenarios.

WisBlock and RUI

A modular system for creating custom end devices tailored to specific use cases.

Battery Plus + Solar Panel Kit

Empowers reliable outdoor gateway deployment with solar charging and status monitoring.

WisNode Sensor Hub

A modular sensor ecosystem for data collection in various applications.

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Industry Applications

RAKwireless IoT solutions find applications in various aspects of smart city living:

Green Buildings and Urban Farming

Perimeter Access Control and Safety

Air Pollution Control

Green Energy Harvesting and Usage

Waste Management and Control

Smart Parking

Natural Disaster Prevention

Water Monitoring

Traffic Control

Smart Public Transport

Smart Electricity Solutions

Fire Safety

Benefits of RAKwireless IoT Products

Our IoT products bring a wide range of advantages to smart city projects:

Versatile and Reliable Devices
Versatile and Reliable Devices
Modular and Customizable Solutions
Modular and Customizable Solutions
Scalable and Adaptable to Changing Needs
Scalable and Adaptable to Changing Needs
Remote Fleet Management and Configuration
Remote Fleet Management and Configuration
Real-time Data Gathering and Analytics
Real-time Data Gathering and Analytics
Energy-efficient and Environmentally Friendly
Energy-efficient and Environmentally Friendly
Creating smart city solutions one extension at a time with First Snow Mobile

Creating smart city solutions one extension at a time with First Snow

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