IoT Solutions for
Smart Factory

Key Challenges

At RAKwireless, we understand the evolving needs of the manufacturing industry and the challenges that manufacturers face in utilizing data to optimize their operations. Our Smart Factory Solutions leverage the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) to seamlessly integrate data from various sensors on the factory floor, enabling near-real-time data collection, analytics, and long-term data retention. With our cutting-edge IoT devices and smart applications, we empower manufacturers to enhance overall equipment effectiveness, reduce expenses, and optimize key performance indicators, ultimately fostering a more resilient and adaptive manufacturing ecosystem. By embracing Smart Factory Solutions, manufacturers can unleash the full potential of their production processes, optimize efficiency, and stay competitive in a rapidly evolving market.

Key Challenges

Key Challenges

Traditional manufacturing execution systems (MES) often pose challenges when integrating IoT solutions. Many MES systems were designed before the emergence of IoT, limiting their ability to incorporate data from various sensors on the factory floor. As a result, data is isolated, valuable insights are lost, and manufacturers are unable to fully harness AI/analytics to optimize their operations. Integrating legacy MES systems with IoT devices can become complex, given the proprietary nature of many IoT devices and protocols. Additionally, implementing IoT solutions for existing machinery and sensors requires careful consideration of communication protocols and scalability.

RAKwireless Smart Factory Products

Our Smart Factory Solutions address these challenges and provide a comprehensive ecosystem for IoT integration in manufacturing. Our featured solutions include:

Sensor Hub

Our modular sensor ecosystem, the RAK2560 WisNode Sensor Hub, enables seamless integration of various sensors, from environmental monitoring to machine data collection. The Sensor Hub offers pluggable and interchangeable intelligent probes, making it versatile for different applications.

Industrial Edge AI Gateway

The RAK7391 WisGate Connect is a Raspberry Pi CM4-based gateway product that supports various radio and WisBlock modules. This gateway serves as the heart of the IoT data edge computing and visualization platform, empowering developers to collect and analyze data in almost real time.

PLC Serial Communications Retrofit

The RAK7431 is an RS485 to LoRaWAN® protocol converter, designed for industrial applications. It allows for real-time control and monitoring of multiple RS485 device bus data, simplifying the retrofitting process for RS-485 devices.

Gateways with LoRaWAN® for Any Scenario

We offer both indoor and outdoor gateways, such as the RAK7268 and RAK7289, supporting up to 16 channels for LoRaWAN® communication. These gateways provide multi-backhaul options for seamless connectivity.

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Industry Applications

Discover how our Smart Factory Solutions have transformed manufacturing processes in various applications:

Adaptive Manufacturing: Optimize production processes and respond quickly to changes in demand.

Smart Services: Improve service offerings through real-time data monitoring and predictive maintenance.

Smart Machines CPPS: Convert machinery into Cyber-Physical Production Systems for smarter control and monitoring.

Smart Supply Chain: Enhance visibility and traceability across the supply chain for greater efficiency.

Smart Products: Enable the production of intelligent and connected products for enhanced functionality and customer experience.

IT/OT Convergence: Bridge the gap between information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) for improved decision-making.

Vertical and Horizontal Manufacturing Data: Seamlessly collect and analyze data from different levels of manufacturing processes.

Requirements Framework for Digital Twins: Facilitate the implementation of digital twin technology for virtual simulations and optimization.

Build Manufacturing Resilience: Improve resilience and adaptability to changes and disruptions in the manufacturing environment.

Cost-Effective Smart Factory Retrofit Projects: Retrofit legacy systems and machinery with cost-effective IoT solutions.

Benefits of RAKwireless IoT Products for Smart Factory

By choosing RAKwireless Smart Factory Solutions, manufacturers can experience a range of benefits:

Enhanced Efficiency
Enhanced Efficiency

Real-time data collection and analytics optimize equipment effectiveness and production efficiency.

Cost Savings
Cost Savings

Reduce expenses through predictive maintenance and resource optimization.


Our modular ecosystem allows for easy scalability and expansion as your manufacturing needs grow.


Seamlessly integrate a range of sensors and protocols for a tailored IoT solution.

Data-Driven Decisions
Data-Driven Decisions

Gain valuable insights from data analytics to make informed, data-driven decisions.

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