RAK7289 WisGate Edge Pro

The RAK7289 WisGate Edge Pro is a ready-to-use gateway right out of the box! It gestures a new enclosure design that allows for LTE, WiFI, and GPS antennas to be internally integrated. With up to 16 LoRa channel support, multi-backhaul, and several power options including a battery kit with solar option that comes with your WisGate Edge Pro, what more can you ask for?

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Manage Over The Air Seamlessly With WisDM!

Our cloud-based SaaS is now open for all users to monitor and control multiple WisGate Edge gateways at the same time. Experience secure setup, management, and maintenance using our serverless platform. Start exploring WIsDM’s features now with our free tier version for the management of up to 3 gateways!

About WisDM Tiered Access:

Tier 1

Connect up to 3 gateways for FREE!

Tier 2

Connect up to 10 gateways!

Tier 3

Connect up to 50 gateways!

New from

WisBlock is a complete, qualified system solution made up of a series of modular blocks like sensors, computing, and connectivity.

Click. Code. Connect with 14 new modules and sensors for the WisBlock line.


Core Module

One of the first in the market to combine a Raspberry Pi RP2040 –– known from the Pico boards –– with a LoRa transceiver. This is the perfect Core module for IoT applications requiring LoRa communication.

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Base Board

WisBlock’s newest and smallest Base board yet! At 30x35mm, it is perfect for small sensor solutions.

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PIR Module

A motion detection sensor, ideal for security systems to detect intruders. The module can also be used for light automation.

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Ultrasonic Sensor

An obstacle detection and distance measurement module using ultrasonic waves which can detect objects up to a distance of 400 cm with an accuracy range of up to 3mm and a detection angle of 15 degrees.

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MQ3 Alcohol Gas Sensor

An alcohol sensor that can detect alcohol concentrations in the air between 25 to 500 ppm. It can be used as part of a low-cost breathalyzer or as part of an air quality sensing system.

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Ambient Light Sensor

A low-power ambient light sensor that measures light intensity ranging from 0 lux to 120000 lux. Build smart city and smart agriculture applications that ensure well-lit environments!

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Barometer WT Sensor

A barometric air pressure and temperature sensor perfect for outdoor and weather applications. The sensor is water-resistant and can measure pressure ranging from 260 to 1260 hPa.

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Heart Rate Sensor

A low-power heart sensor based on the MAX30102 sensor from Maxim designed for battery applications. It measures heart rate and pulse oximetry.

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Vibration Sensor

A vibration sensor that detects unusual vibrations in industrial equipment like motors or machinery, preventing further damage.

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A cellular modem with enabled location services that can be used to send data over GSM to the cloud — effective for regions where LTE protocol is limited.

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LED Bar Graph Module

A display module with 10 customizable LEDs that can be used to display status information.

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Green Power Module

An external power converter to recharge your WisBlock from renewable power sources like wind generators, water turbines, solar panels and more.

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Current Sensor

RAK16000 is a DC Current Sensor module that can measure DC current in the range of 0 to 3A. Multiply the voltage and current values and you can get the power consumption.

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IO Extension Module

A 120mm extension cable that positions large WisBlock modules apart from the baseboard for applications that need certain sensors or interfaces to be directly exposed to the environment.

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