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Manage over the air! WisDM is an all-in-one fleet management system that allows you, developers and enterprises, to control multiple RAK gateways under one network. At RAK, we believe that remote management is the key in deploying large, scalable LoRaWAN® networks.

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Spring Launch Sale
Access Anywhere

WisDM is a cloud-based Device Management platform so you can access your gateways worldwide.

Highly Scalable

Manage hundreds of gateways at once. Add new gateways to your existing network easily.

Quick Management

Update device firmware easily with WisDM OTA/OTAP (Over-the-Air/Provisioning) features.

24/7 Monitoring

A complete 24/7 monitoring solution so you minimize maintenance and day to day on-site interactions.

Complete Solution

Widgets, SSH terminal, multiple team roles, direct live support, secured network, all in WisDM.

For Partners and Clients

Not only for direct clients. If you're a RAK partner, you can also offer WisDM as a service to your clients.

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Spring Launch Sale

We at RAK keep our product lines up to date with the latest technologies at our disposal. Our new indoor gateway comes with a refreshed design, better looks and the same set of solid functionality all our WisGate devices offer.

RAK7268 / RAK7268C

WisGate Edge Lite 2

A full 8-channel indoor gateway that supports MQTT, WiFi, PoE, OpenWRT, TTN, and ChirpStack.

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WisGate Edge Pro

Embedded WiFi and cellular antennas on watertight plastic enclosure, with easily accessible SIM and SD cards for outdoor applications.

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RAK7271 / RAK7371

WisGate Developer Base

Converts either RAK2287 or RAK5146 mPCIe form factor LoRa modules to USB port output.

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WisGate OS

RAK's new OS for all WisGate Edge devices.

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WisBlock is a complete, qualified system solution made up of a series of modular blocks like sensors, computing and connectivity. 9 new WisBlock sensor and IO modules are available to help build your custom IoT projects and prototypes quickly and easily!


WisBlock Core ESP32

The core is based on ESP32-WROVER-E with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

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WisBlock Boost Module

A boost module with 3V input voltage and outputs 12V/50mA and can be controlled by IO pin.

Buy TPS61046 Boost Converter Module


WisBlock Buzzer Module

This buzzer module can be used as an alarm signal or as audible feedback to the user.

Buy MLT-5020 Buzzer Module


WisBlock Microphone Module

A 64dB omnidirectional microphone module with two asynchronous input channels.

Buy MP34DT06J PDM Microphone Module


WisBlock EEPROM Module

A 2MB memory module that uses Microchip's AT24CM02. Supports I2C standard and fast mode.

Buy AT42CM02 EEPROM Module


Infrared Temperature Sensor

A high precision IR thermometer sensor module for non-contact temperature measurements.

Buy MLX9063 Infrared Temperature Sensor Module


WisBlock Flash Module

16M-bit nonvolatile memory module (serial NOR flash) that uses GD25Q16CNIG.

Buy GD25Q16 Flash Module


WisBlock EPD Module

Active Matrix Electrophoretic Display (AM EPD) module with 2.9" active area (296×128 pixels).

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WisBlock GNSS Location Module

Based on uBlox MAX-M8Q which supports GPS, GLONASS, QZSS, BeiDou.

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RAK5146 is the newest family of RAK LPWAN concentrator modules. It is based on the latest SX1303 baseband processor from Semtech and has many features like LBT, Fine Timestamping, GPS onboard, USB/SPI interface support.

RAK 5146 WisLink LPWAN Module
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Our WisDuo product line of small LoRa/LoRaWAN stamp modules got a new member. The newest module is based on STM32WLE5CC, the first LoRa SoC IC of its kind. It shares the small form factor as our other stamp modules and can be configured via user friendly AT Commands. It supports LoRaWAN Class A, B and C mode.

RAK3172 STM32WLE5 WisDuo Stamp Module
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