WisBlock Base

Plug-and-Play Modules

Repairs and upgrades are easy on your final product because modules can be easily changed with just plug-and-play.


Versatile Power Options

WisBlock Base can be powered through USB, battery, solar panel, or a combination of any of those depending on your application.
3.7V LiPo Battery
5V Solar Panel

WisBlock Base Versatile Power Options


The reset button and user-definable LEDs are located near the standard power supply connectors

WisBlock Base Reset Button

Low Power Consumption

It enables a low power consumption application with the option to switch the power supply on and off for the WisBlock Sensor and IO slots.

WisBlock Base Low Power Consumption


RAK5005-O is the standard WisBlock Base board that suits most applications. It supports 1 WisBlock Core, 4 WisBlock Sensors, and 1 WisBlock IO module.


WisBlock Application for Agriculture

Get real-time information on soil humidity and temperature in farming fields to ensure the proper use of watering systems.

WisBlock Application for Agriculture

WisBlock Application for Logistics

Track goods from anywhere, at any time, on a global scale, by utilizing WisBlock modules with GPS functionality.

WisBlock Application for Logistics

WisBlock Application for Industry

Connect your equipment with WisBlock sensors to monitor predictive maintenance and prevent machine breakdowns.

WisBlock Application for Industry

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