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RAK7205 WisTrio LPWAN Tracker
LoRa GPS Tracker with Built-in Environmental Sensor The RAK5205 LPWAN tracker board is built on the Semtech SX1276 chip, with the STM32L1 MCU at its core. It is a feature-packed sensor board with LoRa connectivity and built-in GPS. It provides various interfaces for easy application development.

Integration Made Easy

Multipurpose LoRa Development board


Robust Specifications

Compared to the last generation (RAK831)

  • RAK811 (STM32 MCU + SX1276/78)
  • GPS + Accelerometer
  • Environmental sensor
  • Battery + Solar Power Included with the box
  • IP67 Environmentally protected casing

Model Comparison



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RAK7205 RAK5205
IP67 Casing (Outdoor)
BME680 Env. Sensor
GPS + Accelerometer
Battery + Solar Included Optional
Antennas ports iPEX SMA/iPEX

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