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RAK2011 Cellular Arduino Shield
The RAK2011 WisLink Cellular Arduino Shield is a compact cellular module, powered by the Quectel BG96 modem chipset. It supports 2G/EGPRS, 4G/LTE Cat-M1 (eMTC), Cat-NB1 (NB-IoT), as well as GPS.

Integration Made Easy

M2M/IoT and VoLTE in one


Main Features

We designed this module for our fellow developers

  • Cellular support
    • NB-IoT
    • LTE CAT-M1
  • Support for micro SIM
  • Integrated audio amp and codec for full VoIP support
  • Dedicated voice and I/O headers
  • GPS support

Model Comparison



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RAK2011 RAK2013
Form Factor Arduino Raspberry Pi
Voice-over-LTE (VoLTE)
Audio I/O Header Jack
Antenna interface SMA iPEX
Sim Slot microSIM nanoSIM / eSIM

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