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RAK8212iTracker Pro
NB-IoT with voice capabilities and onboard sensors The RAK8212-NB iTracker is versatile developer board aimed at aiding in quick prototyping using NB-IoT. The board includes a vast array of connectivity options (NB-IoT, BLE 5.0, and GPS) and sensors like (accelerometer, ambient light sensor, and humidity temperature and pressure sensor). At the heart of the module is the venerable Nordic nRF52832 BLE chip. The NB-IoT connectivity is provided by the Quectel BG96 module (with embedded GPS). The board provides a SWD interface for programming the nRF52832 core (using J-link). The combination of BLE and NB-IoT provides for a flexible, low power consumption development environment. The device is suitable for a myriad of application, ranging from telemetry to live tracking and environment sensing.

Integration Made Easy

An Nb-IoT board with voice capabilities and onboard sensors


Main Features

  • Quectel BC95 Nb-IoT Module (with embedded GPS)
  • Bands: B1 / B2 / B3 / B4 / B5 / B8 / B12 / B13 / B18/ B19/ B20/ B28/ B39 (for Cat M1 only)
  • Bluetooth 5.0 (BLE)
  • Accelerometer
  • Ambient Light Sensor
  • Humidity/Temperature/Pressure Sensor
  • Comes with a converter board UART (Micro USB Connector)

Model Comparison




LTE Cat M1 / NB1

Voice-over-LTE (VoLTE)

Quectel L70

Expansion board

Antenna interface

Sim Slot

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