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Revolutionizing Monitoring Solutions: The Transformation of Tamatrac with RAK5010 WisTrio NB-IoT Tracker Pro

Denitsa Prodanova

Denitsa Prodanova

Jul 21, 2022 • 6 min read

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Company profile

Inline Technology is a custom solutions developer based in Ohio, USA. They specialize in unique short-run projects that leverage modern software and hardware technology. The company offers full-stack software development along with hardware integration, including cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, IoT, and others.

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Problem Statement

The vision for this project was asset tracking with a new approach, building an entire system from the ground up to track assets via GPS through a cellular network, leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT/M2M).

The goal was a comprehensive solution that includes text message notifications, SQL database storage, Azure Data Services, a portal website, and custom prototypes of next-generation products using internal 3D design services, 3D printers, and laser printers. All development was intended to be made in-house.


North and Central America


Inline Technology's development team consistently aims to create unique solutions that leverage IoT technology tailored to the specific requirements of each project. They have found that RAK products, particularly the RAK5010 WisTrio NB-IoT Tracker Pro, provide the flexibility necessary for this project and future ones.

Transforming a Two-Part Product into a One-Piece Solution

Initially, the company focused on redeveloping a product that their client needed to upgrade. This was a two-part device consisting of a cellphone running custom software and a bracelet transmitting biometric data to the phone via Bluetooth. The phone would then relay this data to the server. Given the many potential points of failure in this system, the client sought a more reliable solution.

The newly developed device, Tamatrac, is a one-piece anklet that uses the RAK5010 WisTrio NB-IoT Tracker Pro as its mainboard. The team developed custom software to run on the RAK5010, offering the option for the device to be used either as a GPS-only device or, through the SPI interface, to connect an additional sensor that can monitor alcohol and drug levels in the wearer's system.


Prototyping with the WisTrio NB-IoT Tracker Pro

Prototyping with the WisTrio NB-IoT Tracker Pro, including custom firmware, facilitated the development process from conception to a fully functional product. Custom firmware was developed in Arduino, and a chemical sensor was added for biometric data collection through external pins. While the RAK5010 has more features than currently needed for this project, it was the best solution to base a new product on.

The development and deployment of the project spanned approximately two years and it has now expanded into several regions, including across the US and Canada. Testing is also underway in El Salvador and other countries.

A Versatile Electronic Tagging Solution

The device can now be used as an electronic tagging solution that can be fitted above the ankle of individuals as part of their bail or probation conditions. It can also be used in healthcare settings and within the immigration context.


The success of the Tamatrac project showcases the value of the RAK5010 WisTrio NB-IoT Tracker Pro in empowering developers to build Cellular IoT solutions. By transforming a two-part system into a one-piece device, Inline Technology has created a more reliable and versatile solution that can be used in various contexts. This case study stands as a testament to the power of modular solutions in the rapidly evolving world of IoT.

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