WisGate Edge

The Core of Any LoRaWAN® Network

WisGate Edge devices are market-leading LoRaWAN® gateways that are available in both indoor and outdoor versions.

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WisGate Edge devices are segment-leading gateways for LoRaWAN®, designed with both indoor and outdoor versions. They are customizable with backhaul connectivity options, power provisioning options, and different types of antennas. These devices provide everything you need to reliably deploy LoRaWAN® networks.

WisGate Products

Though there are many different devices in the WisGate Edge line, they all share the same base functions.

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The Built-in Network Server provides a simple and reliable solution for deploying your IoT network without any third-party services.
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Full LoRaWAN Stack support (V1.0.3) guarantees that the server functions within the LoRa Alliance guidelines.
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Gateways integrate with both private and public network servers using the Packet Forwarder / Basics Station.
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They feature a Multi backhaul option that includes Wi-Fi, LTE, and Ethernet, so you don’t have to worry about outages.
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PoE + Surge protection ensures that you can deploy quickly and safely.
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Built-in MQTT Bridge, packet filter, and buffer are available to optimize backhaul data overhead.

Software that makes using RAK hardware easy


Managed by WisDM

WisDM is a cloud-based device management platform that lets you monitor and manage all of your WisGate Edge gateways remotely. Feature-packed and user-friendly, it makes managing devices over the air easier than ever.


Powered by WisGateOS

WisGateOS is RAK's unified operating system for all WisGate Edge devices. It includes features that build upon basic LoRaWAN functionalities and offers a better user experience for management, along with other utility features.

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