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RAK2245 96Boards 96Boards form factor for LoRa® Developers
LPWAN Gateway Concentrator Module The RAK2245 96Boards is a complete and cost efficient LoRa® gateway solution base on Semtech SX1301 to help utilize the whole LoRa® system developement. It is a Concentrator module with 96Boards form factor which can be plugged into IoT Edition 96Boards such as Nitrogen, Orange Pi 96Boards as a complete RF front end of LoRa® gateway
RAK2245 96Boards Connectors

Integration Made Easy

LoRa® Concentrator Module for rapid prototyping.

RAK2245 96Boards Edition

Improved Specifications

Compared to the last generation (RAK831)

Model Comparison


RAK2245 96Boards Edition

RAK2245 Stamp Edition

Form Factor

Maximum Transmission Power
27 dBm
27 dBm

Interference Resistance Boost


Heat Sink

Antennas included

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