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RAK7258 WisGate Edge Lite
Compact design, quick and easy installation in indoor environment. The RAK7258 is an indoor LoRaWAN Gateway. It comes standard with an Ethernet (PoE supported) connectivity option for a straightforward setup. Additionally there is on-board WiFi, allowing for easy configuration (initial setup can be done over WiFi in AP mode)

Integration Made Easy

Ethernet, wifi, cellular. Full range of connectivity options for seamless deployment


Versatile Hardware

Comes with screw anchors, and mounting screws for quick wall mounting. Perfect for rapid deployment on walls or ceilings. PoE eliminates the need for laying power cords

rak7258 Mounting

Web UI Software Management

No command line configuration required. Quick and easy to access via the Built-in web interface. Seamless configuration and management

wisdm devices

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RAK7258 RAK7243
Environment Indoor Indoor
Fully Customizable Core
Wall Mounting Kit
Web UI
Network Server

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