Versatile Hardware

  • You have a choice between 8 or 16 LoRa Channels (by adding a second Concentrator module). You can either use the built-in BG96 cellular module or add your own via the mPCIe slot.
  • RAK7240 supports multiple backhaul connectivity options including WiFi, LTE, and Ethernet.
  • To achieve a low-power, multimode connectivity solution, we based the CPU Module (RAK634) on MTK7628 which supports 2.4G WiFi in a 2x2 MIMO configuration.
  • We added an SD card slot that allows you to backup your LoRa data in case of a network outage.
  • There is a built-in surge protection for the Ethernet port, so no external SPD is needed.
Built-in Safety Features<

Built-in Safety Features

RAK7240 has a built-in Transient Voltage Suppression (TVS) circuitry to protect your gateway in case of sudden discharge on your Ethernet and PoE lines.

This saves up on Surge Protection Device (SPD) costs and reduces deployment time.

For extreme cases, installing additional SPDs like lightning arrestors are recommended to ensure overall protection of the gateway device when the installation area is prone to lightning storms.

Compact, Industrial Grade

Compact, Industrial-Grade

RAK7240 is an alternative to the immensely popular RAK7249 for scenarios where performance and cost efficiency is crucial.

A gateway that makes no compromise with its built-in quality, weather resistance, features, and customizability. It comes at a reduced cost compared to our other outdoor gateway offerings as it is meant for large-scale scenarios.

The enclosure is IP rated as "dust-tight" and protected against water projected from a nozzle.

Compact, Industrial Grade

For Rollout Projects

RAK7240 is designed for clients who plan to do a large-scale production and commercialization of their own IoT solution.

For only a minimum order of 100 gateway units, we can provide customized engraving service for your gateway products. This is a perfect way of solidifying your own brand in the market.

Contact us and start exploring endless possibilities in IoT with RAK.

Remote Management

Easy and secure management of your gateways with OpenVPN and Dynamic DNS features.

Illustration Remote Management

Easy and Quick Installation

RAK7240 is designed to be installed on a pole or a wall, making it especially suitable for construction sites and tower installations.
The Gateway comes with a mounting kit and a PoE injector to facilitate quick and easy deployment in any scenario.

Bundle 1 Inclusions
Bundle 1 Inclusions
Bundle 2 Inclusions
Bundle 2 Inclusions
Bundle 3 Inclusions
Bundle 3 Inclusions
Bundle 4 Inclusions
Bundle 4 Inclusions

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RAK7240 RAK7249
Concentrators 2x Max 2x Max
Weather Protection IP65 IP67
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High-Gain Antenna
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Certifications CE, FCC, RCM CE, FCC, RCM, RoHS
Minimum Order Quantity 100 units none
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