Sufficiently Compact

A compact form with plenty of interfaces. The RAK7244C model shown below supports LTE

  • Refreshed Case design with a new MCU (Raspberry Pi4)
  • Preassembled, functional LoRaWAN ™ Gateway
  • Full LoRaWAN ™ Stack support (version 1.0.2)
  • Up to 8 channels with SF7-SF12
  • Band support: 433MHz, 470MHz, 865MHz, 868MHz, 915MHz,920MHz, 923MHz
  • Tx Power: 27dBm Max
  • RX Sensitivity: -139dBm
  • Integrates Ublox MAX-7Q GPS module
  • Quectel EG95 LTE module

Integration Made Easy

Modular design, with an open platform at its core (Raspberry Pi 4)


Raspbian OS

Full low-level control. Unlimited possibilities for software customization.

Mature developer community leading to better support and potential solutions.


Model Comparison



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RAK7244 RAK7253
MCU Raspberry Pi 4 Raspberry Pi 3
Display Port 2x Micro HDMI (4K Support) 1x HDMI RPi Display
Environment Indoor Indoor
Wall Mounting Kit
Web UI
Network Server

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