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RAK2245 Pihat For LoRa® Developers. Designed to work with a RPi.
LPWAN Gateway Concentrator Module The RAK2245 Raspberry Pi Hat is a complete and cost efficient LoRaWAN™ Gateway Solution that will help you get started in developing a full LoRa® System. It can be easily stacked on top of a cheap Single Board Computer (SBC) such as the Raspberry Pi 3B+.
RAK2245 Pi-Hat

Integration Made Easy

LoRa® Concentrator Module for rapid prototyping.

RAK2245 Pi-Hat

Improved Specifications

Compared to the last generation (RAK831)

Model Comparison


RAK2245 Pi Hat


Maximum Transmission Power
27 dBm
23 dBm

Interference Resistance Boost


Heat Sink

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