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RAK2245Stamp Edition LPWAN Gateway Concentrator Module
LoRa® Concentrator with minimized size and cost RAK2245 Stamp Edition is the smallest of the RAK2245 Family. It has the lowest price. However, it retains its high-quality build and RF performance. This makes it suitable for rapid prototyping and size constraint applications.
RAK2247 Stamp Edition Connectors

Integration Made Easy

The RAK2245 Stamp Edition is a complete and cost efficient LoRa® Gateway Solution that will help you get started in developing a full LoRa® System. The module can be easily integrated into a system's main board, providing LoRaWAN® functionality.

RAK2245 Stamp Edition

Improved Specifications

This LoRaWAN® Concentrator supports eight channels and is available for all LoRaWAN® global frequency bands. This super compact module measures just 60mm x 30mm x 14.9mm. It comes with a built-in GPS chip and mounted heat-sink in order to improve thermal performance.

Model Comparison

Rak2245 Stamp Edition
Rak2245 96Boards Edition
RAK2245 Stamp Edition
RAK2245 96Boards Edition

Form Factor

Maximum Transmission Power
27 dBm
27 dBm

Interference Resistance Boost


Heat Sink

Antennas included

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