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RAK833 For LoRa® Developers. Designed to work with a RPi.
LPWAN Gateway Concentrator Module RAK833 is a fully-fledged LoRaWAN® Concentrator module. It is very similar in function to the larger RAK831 module. However, it has a number of advantages over its bigger brother.
RAK833 parts

Integration Made Easy

Perfect for integration in routers and developer boards.

Designed for Developers

We designed this module for our fellow developers

  • Compact Design (mPCIE connector and form factor)
  • Full 8 channel support (SX1301)
  • Full band support 433/470/865/868/915/920/923 MHz
Supported major platforms
Rak833 - RaspberryPi
Rak833 - MediaTek
Rak833 - SolidRun

Open-Source Project

Experimental sample implementation to connect to LoRaWAN® .

Rak833 - MediaTek

Microsoft Azure IoT Edge LoRaWAN® Starter Kit

  • Take advantage of Azure Cloud services
  • Ready to use container with gateway & network forwarder
  • RAK833 HDK ABD Docker for 1-click setup & deployment

Model Comparison




Maximum Transmission Power
20 dBm
23 dBm


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