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  • An interface with all the tools you need to create, compile, and debug projects for modular IoT platforms.
  • All RAK hardware functionality available as API calls.
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WisDuo SiP

  • Low-power LoRa® transceiver SiP (System in Package) chip based on the STM32WLE5 Wireless SoC.
  • Compared to the original RAK3172, it has more IO pins, integrated TCXO, and comes in a smaller size.
  • Supports LoRa P2P and complies with Class A, B, & C of LoRaWAN® 1.0.3 specifications.


WisDuo Stamp Module

  • Low-power stamp module that supports both LoRa/LoRaWAN® communication and BLE 5.0.
  • Can be deployed as an IoT device without needing an external host MCU.
  • Can also integrate external sensors directly by using widely available open-source libraries for sensors and IO interfaces.
WisDuo RAK3272-SiP

WisDuo RAK3272-SiP

WisDuo Breakout Board

  • An evaluation board for the new RAK3172-SiP System-in-a-Package module.
  • Can be used to evaluate the RAK3172-SiP module with access to all pins of the SiP module.



Fingerprint Sensor Module

  • Supports both fingerprint enrollment and fingerprint matching.
  • Creates a biometric template of the fingerprint and stores it in internal memory.


RGB Sensor Module

  • Detects the color of a surface by using its red, green, blue, and white light-sensing capabilities.
  • Proximity detection feature that uses an external IR LED, which can be used as a trigger mechanism to indicate when to start detection.


Gyroscope Sensor Module

  • A low-power angular rate sensor module based on MEMS technology that can measure rotation speed in 3 axes.
  • Has a 16-bit high resolution and its range of angular velocity can be as high as 2000 dps (degrees per second).


Through Beam Fork Sensor Module

  • An optical fork-shaped sensor composed of two small PCB modules.
  • The Through Beam Fork Sensor can be deployed to measure motor rotation speed by using an external code disc that spins proportionally with the motor rotation.


Inductive Sensor Module

  • Multi-channel inductance measurement sensor that detects the proximity of metal objects.
  • This sensor uses a 28-bit inductance-to-digital-converter (LDC) chip that expresses measured inductance using a digital format.


QWIIC Interface Module

  • Adapter board that makes WisBlock compatible with Sparkfun Qwiic modules and Adafruit STEMMA QT connectors.


Ethernet Interface Module

  • Adds TCP/IP support to the WisBlock ecosystem.
  • Data transfer speeds up to 100BaseT.


Joystick Interface Module

  • Joystick interface module composed of two PCB modules.
  • One analog joystick and four push buttons that can be programmed by the user.


Gesture Sensor Module

  • Enables you to control your IoT project simply by waving your hands in front of the sensor.
  • Can detect nine human hand gestures including waving your hand upward, downward, going to the left or right, clockwise, counter clockwise, towards or away the sensor.


RGB LED Matrix Module

  • Drives an external RGB LED matrix with up to a 16x16 array size.
  • Each independent RGB LED in the matrix can be controlled by the module.
  • Can be used to build visual panels to show information, warning signs, or other notifications.


Dual IO Base Board Module

  • Featuring the highest number of usable module slots of anything in the WisBlock line.
  • All GPIOs of this board are exposed with PCB header holes.


Base Board 2nd Gen Module

  • Replaced the microUSB with a USB Type C Connector.
  • New voltage regulator and a reconfiguration of sensor slot D in the PCB layout.

Battery Plus

  • Updated battery unit for WisGate Edge Pro Gateways.
  • Solar charging option and status-monitoring systems.


  • Application for configuring RAK IoT firmware.
  • Available on desktop and mobile.
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  • Cloud-based device management platform.
  • New features including network connection management, MultiWAN monitoring, notification management, and miscellaneous improvements to fleet management.
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WisGateOS 2.0

  • Latest firmware for RAKwireless IoT gateway devices based on OpenWRT kernel.
  • Security enhancements, LBT and spectral scan, LoRaWAN® 1.0.4 support, and support for adding extensions
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  • Learn once, code once. IoT development can be complex and overwhelming.
  • Simplify the process by using an interface with all the tools you need to create, compile, and debug projects for modular IoT platforms.
  • With hardware functions available as API calls, RUI allows you to build a real-time control system with different baseline functionalities. Develop your IoT devices the way you want them with RUI.
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