Innovative end-to-end solutions to make IoT easy

Build and scale a reliable LoRaWAN network infrastructure with commercial-grade gateways and a fleet management platform.


All of the components necessary to build effective, reliable IoT deployment devices, whether personal or enterprise in scale and complexity.

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Advanced solutions for managing devices, modifying and updating firmware, and keeping tabs on every aspect of deployment in the field.

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Solution Spotlight

Helium Blockchain Network

Helium Blockchain Network

RAK make it easy for you to build end-to-end IoT solutions to work with the Helium network.

  • Hotspots to build your network.
  • Plug and play Sensors
  • Development kits to get your idea started quickly
Edge Computing Gateways Based On Raspberry Pi CM4

Edge Computing Gateways Based On Raspberry Pi CM4

Powered by the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4, WisGate Connect is a flexible IoT platform that can be tailored for multiple tasks from development to deployment.

  • Building industrial products from scratch
  • Running existing code on robust hardware
  • Multiple connectivity options
  • Indoors & outdoors enclosures available
Sensor Hub Connecting Sensors To The Cloud

Sensor Hub Connecting Sensors To The Cloud

Sensor Hub is modular system that can bring to life all sorts of sensor projects, from building management in the cities to smart agriculture out in the fields.

  • Just Plug and Play
  • Ready to monitor, control and analyze
Professional Modular Audio Solution for IoT

Professional Modular Audio Solution for IoT

The WisBlock Audio platform enables developers to build professional AIoT solutions, and innovate in one of the most exciting fields in the world of IoT.

  • Use voices for wake-ups, commands and triggers
  • Monitor noise levels, bioacoustics and more

We connect to different partner platforms with RAK products

Our plug and play solutions work with all the most popular software platforms, including network servers and many different software applications.

IoT Platforms & Network Servers

AWS Actility Helium TTN Senet Chirpstack

Works with

DTC Datacake Edge Impulse Ubidots Tago