The Real IoT Solution Marketplace by RAKwireless:
Simplifying the IoT Adoption

The Internet of Things (IoT) has the potential to revolutionize many aspects of our lives, but its adoption rate has been slow. There are a number of factors that have contributed to this, including the high cost of IoT devices and the lack of interoperability between different devices and platforms.
This is where the Real IoT Marketplace comes in. RAKwireless created this IoT solution marketplace to simplify and increase IoT adoption rate. By providing a comprehensive solution marketplace, RAKwireless makes it easy for businesses of all sizes to get started with IoT.

What We offer

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High-Quality Sensors

In collaboration with leading device manufacturers, we build cost-effective, high-quality sensors designed for specific use cases. Our sensor suite falls under two categories:

Each sensor undergoes rigorous testing at our IoT Lab in RAK Xi'an Office, ensuring quality consistency. We provide pre-provisioned sensors to guarantee a uniform user experience, including network onboarding.

The Real IoT Marketplace goes beyond providing just the datasheet; we offer comprehensive user manuals to guide practical applications based on our standard structure for a solution user experience, such as onboarding, joining networks (local, public, private), monitoring dashboards, and getting alerts. This has become our standard framework for all use cases.

Recognizing that cost can be a barrier to IoT adoption, RAKwireless, through the Real IoT Marketplace, aim to make IoT devices more affordable in collaboration with device manufacturers, assisting both solution users and software builders.

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These are custom sensors built by device manufacturers for specific use cases and applications.

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These devices are manufactured using RAKwireless products and are in line with our vision of providing affordable, consistent quality.

RAK Certifified Antenna

This badge signifies that the device's antenna meets RAK's high standards for power efficiency, range, and reliability in the field.

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Integrated Deployment-Ready IoT Solutions

We provide a robust, all-inclusive solution for IoT adoption, eliminating the need for multiple suppliers and reducing complexities. Our offering includes sensors, gateways, analytical software, and network links, creating a unified, turnkey solution for your IoT needs.

Our solutions are developed in collaboration with experienced solution builders across various sectors. These partners have extensive experience not only using our RAKwireless Gateway but also deploying it at numerous sites. Their expertise ensures that our solutions are mature and ready to meet your IoT challenges.

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Software Integration and Collaboration

Our solution integrates a variety of software from diverse partners to deliver functionalities such as dashboards, analytics, network servers, and AI. These software partners share our vision for addressing IoT adoption with RAKwireless. We collectively believe that enhancing IoT adoption requires more collaboration than competition, embodying the spirit of mutual assistance.

The software companies we collaborate with encompass application software providers, network server providers, and vertical software, including analytics and AI. This comprehensive approach guarantees a well-rounded, interconnected setup for your IoT requirements.

RAKwireless, through the Real IoT Marketplace, is committed to working with our partners to create a more connected world.

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Streamlining Network Deployment

Network deployment is a complex aspect often overlooked in solution marketplaces. Our focus lies in clarifying this process for solution builders, addressing common challenges such as optimal gateway placement, resolving field connection issues like LTE backhaul, and transitioning between on-premise and private cloud networks.

Drawing from feedback and surveys of advanced deployers, we aim to demystify network deployment and make it more accessible, affordable, and manageable.

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Prioritizing User Experience

Our user experience approach is based on a consistent framework for each use case. This framework addresses both the problem and the solution. We cater to users who want to add sensors to their existing network. We also consider users who wish to have quick access to a fully-functional IoT system through our “Real IoT Kit”, an experience kit with all the essential components you need—sensors, gateways, analysis software, network connections—all from a single supplier.

While we may not always be the quickest to launch new products or services, our dedication to detail is unwavering. We strictly adhere to the best user experience guidelines, which is to prioritize seamless connectivity, sensor quality, simplified onboarding, and flexible network switching. Our focus remains firmly on delivering a superior, intuitive experience for our users.

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Comprehensive Services for Seamless Scaling

We don't just stop at the pilot stage. We offer a range of services to support users in expanding their solutions.

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Sensor and Gateway Provisioning

We ensure a smooth setup process.

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Immediate Shipment from Buffer Stock

Every sensor we sell is always in stock, ready for direct or drop shipping.

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Training and Troubleshooting

Our selected experts, who are knowledgeable about RAKwireless products, provide paid training and support services to simplify your troubleshooting process.

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Global Partner Network

Through our extensive network of Managed Service Providers (MSPs), System Integrators (SIs), and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) worldwide, we can quickly connect you with a local partner for assistance with professional installation.

Why Choose Us?

RAKwireless's Real IoT Solution Marketplace is not just a sales platform. We're committed to making IoT accessible, providing end-to-end solutions from one place. We support you from initial setup through to expansive implementation.

Explore the potential of IoT with RAKwireless. Visit the Real IoT Marketplace and accelerate your IoT deployment!

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Why We Do This?

Accelerating IoT adoption by offering reliable, interoperable, and cost-effective solutions is at the center of our efforts.