A-to-B Visibility and Temperature Control for Product Tracking

Track product on the move and avoid spoilage and get notified on arrival.


Company A is committed to sustainable practices by minimizing its carbon footprint and reducing packaging waste through the implementation of a reusable packaging approach. To ensure that their products are delivered with the highest quality, they require a solution that provides visibility and temperature monitoring from the factory to the customer's doorstep. This not only helps prevent spoilage but also mitigates the risks associated with using multiple logistics providers worldwide, ensuring that their products arrive in perfect condition every time.


In a complex supply chain that involves multiple logistics providers, it is not uncommon to encounter challenges related to shipment control and visibility. The lack of adequate monitoring and supervision can lead to various issues such as products being left unattended at customer locations, exposure to unfavorable weather conditions, and the risk of spoilage, losses, or even fraud.

It is crucial for the company to establish a solution that can ensure proper tracking, monitoring, and timely delivery of products to its customers.

Use Case

Company A has upgraded its product monitoring system by incorporating the slim form factor RAK sticker trackers on every package during shipment. These trackers enable real-time tracking of the packages' departure and arrival times through the Trackpac base feature.

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The trackers discreetly monitor temperature changes to prevent spoilage of the products. If there are any temperature fluctuations outside the desired range, the system triggers immediate alerts to ensure that the products remain in optimal condition throughout the shipping process.

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  • Minimized Product Spoilage: With real-time notifications, prompt action can be taken to address temperature deviations and prevent product spoilage. This helps Company A reduce losses and maintain product quality.
  • Enhanced Contract Management: The improved custodial visibility provided by the RAK stickers allows Company A to update its contracts with logistics providers. They can ensure that all parties involved are accountable for maintaining proper temperature conditions during transit.
  • Comprehensive Product Tracking: Regardless of the logistics firm used, Company A gains visibility into the location of all its products. This helps in ensuring timely deliveries and streamlining customer service.
  • Data-Driven Operations: The data collected from the RAK stickers can be leveraged to analyze temperature patterns, identify inefficiencies, and optimize route planning. This enables Company A to make informed decisions and enhance overall supply chain operations.

Leveraging the Helium Network

The Helium network, a decentralized wireless network, supports this RAK Sticker Tracker solution. This incentivized wireless infrastructure is self-powered, easy to maintain, and provides reliable and efficient communication for various IoT use cases.

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Hardware Used
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Trackpac Software

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Uploaded on 05/11/2023
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