RAK5010 WisTrio Nb-IoT Tracker

A must have for M2M/IoT application developers

With voice capabilities and onboard sensors.
Arduino compatible, Nb-IoT, GPS, and VoLTE.


RAK7249 Industrial-Grade LoRaWAN Gateway

Outdoor / Industrial-Grade Solution

Environmentally protected, easy to mount, fully customizable. Now with integrated LoRa Network Server and Web UI for easy configuration and management.

Pilot Gateway

RAK Pilot Gateway RAK7243C

  • Preassembled Full LoRaWAN Gateway
  • Supports all 8 channels and spreading factors
  • Semtech SX1301 with up to -142.5 dBm sensitivity
  • Band support: 433MHz, 470MHz, 865MHz, 868MHz, 915MHz, 920MHz, 923MHz
  • Max output power 25.5 dBm
  • New design integrates Ublox MAX-7Q GPS module

Communication Technologies

We use the latest technologies and tools in order to create a better product that not only works great, but it is easy to work with too.

Low-cost physical layer that enables extremely long range wireless communication with optimized energy efficiency and robust signal.

New cellular technology specifically designed for the needs of applications targeting Internet-of-Things (IoT) or Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications.

With simple development, you can add Alexa voice driver to your smart products and make real-time voice interaction with Alexa via microphones and speakers.

Digital transmission of high-definition video, audio, and data signals. Build drones and surveillance systems; the possibilities are endless.

Your Bridge to IoT Solutions

We develop market-oriented and easy-to-use IoT Building Blocks of MCUs, communication modules, and sensors in a Modular IoT Platform system.

That means you can accelerate the time of your IoT application to develop from prototype to commercial.

Our Advantage IoT Block Portfolio

Our Advantage

Modular IoT Platform Approach
Modular IoT Platform Approach

Easy and Ready to Use
Application Building Blocks
Modular and Flexible Configuration

Enterprise Ready
Enterprise Ready

Experienced Core Engineering Team
Product Performance Tests

Quick Support
Quick Support

Online Support Center
Developers’ Community
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IoT Block Portfolio

The technical competency of RAK founder and his team in the IoT industry has brought numerous achievements and breakthroughs each year.

We strive to patent unique solutions and have partnered with some of the big IoT players like Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft.

RAKwireless continues to bring easy to implement solutions to IoT developers and connect the world like never imagined before.

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Amazon alexa a cloud based voice service
Apple Homekit
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