Concentrator Modules for LoRaWAN®

Add LoRaWAN Connectivity to IoT Gateways

With their small form factor, RAK concentrators are suitable for both new product development and integration into existing products.

LPWAN Concentrator Modules Image

RAK concentrator modules are powered by Semtech and build the core functionality of every LoRaWAN network. They are the hardware heart of gateways, connecting IoT end-user devices to the network backbone.

How Concentrators Work

How Concentrators Work

The concentrator is an essential part of any gateway for LoRaWAN and enables the reception and transmission of data packets from and to the end devices. It can receive multiple signals to serve a large number of end devices.

LoRaWAN connectivity for your devices

Ready-to-Use for Rapid Development

We offer an open-source software stack and examples that help you develop and deploy new systems quickly. It also enables integration into existing systems.

The stack supports the Common Packet Forwarder and the Basics Station Forwarders. These technologies provide seamless connectivity options for any LoRaWAN server, such as TTN, ChirpStack, Helium, AWS IoT Greengrass, and many others.

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